António J. Marques Cardoso

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This paper introduces the use of the complex apparent power signature analysis as a tool for the diagnostics of mixed airgap eccentricity condition in operating three-phase squirrel cage induction motors. Firstly, a modelling and simulation study concerning the occurrence of airgap eccentricity in three-phase induction motors is presented. For that purpose,(More)
One of the most important research topics in drive train topologies applied to electric/hybrid vehicles is the efficiency analysis of the power train components, including the global drive efficiency. In this paper, two basic traction electric drive systems of electric/hybrid vehicles are presented and evaluated, with a special focus on the efficiency(More)
The knowledge of the broken rotor bars characteristic frequencies and amplitudes has a great importance for all related diagnostic methods. The monitoring of motor faults requires a high resolution spectrum to separate different frequency components. The Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) has been widely used to achieve these requirements. However, DFT can(More)
This paper presents an experimental technique that allows the determination of both reactance and equivalent series resistance (ESR) intrinsic values of aluminum electrolytic capacitors. The ESR is one of the most critical problems of static converters that operate near the resonance frequency of electrolytic capacitors. An increased ESR value leads to a(More)