António J. M. Castro

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An airline schedule very rarely operates as planned. Problems related with aircrafts, crew members and passengers are common and the actions towards the solution of these problems are usually known as operations recovery. The Airline Operations Control Center (AOCC) tries to solve these problems with the minimum cost and satisfying all the required rules.(More)
Disruption management is one of the most important scheduling problems in the airline industry because of the elevated costs associated, however this is relatively new research area comparing for example with fleet and tail assignment. The major goal to solve this kind of problem is to achieve a feasible solution for the airline company minimizing the(More)
There are quite a few solutions for crew scheduling, including some commercial applications. The same happens for aircraft scheduling and for flight scheduling including revenue management. However, the airline operations problem did not receive the same attention as the other airline scheduling problems. In this paper we introduce this problem and report(More)
Airline companies do not collaborate when dealing with problems that arise during their own operational control plan. These problems are related with aircrafts, crew members and passengers and the actions towards the solution of these problems are usually known as operations recovery. In this paper we present a possible solution to the problem of lack of(More)
As a sequel of a recent Ph.D. thesis at the University of Porto and LIACC research lab, a new book appeared at Springer, Series: Studies in Computational Intelligence, Vol. 562, 2014, XII, 242 p., entitled <i>A New Approach for Disruption Management in Airline Operations Control</i> by Antonio J. M. Castro, Ana Paula Rocha, and Eug&#233;nio Oliveira.
In this paper we introduce an implementation of an Intelligent Interface Agent to support the use of a web portal in an airline company. The interface agent architecture and data model is presented. We formalized concepts such as relevance and proximity regarding the data structure. The concepts of personal opinion and general opinion are also introduced(More)
The Airline Operations Control Centre (AOCC) tries to solve unexpected problems during the airline operation. Problems with aircraft, crewmembers and passengers are common and very hard to solve due to the several variables involved. This paper presents the implementation of a realworld multi-agent system for operations recovery in an airline company. The(More)
Studies have estimated that irregular operations (flights affected by a disruption) can cost between 2% and 3% of the airline annual revenue and that a better recovery process could result in cost reductions of at least 20%. Even for small airlines this can represent millions of Euros. In this paper we propose a multi-agent system (MAS) whose members(More)