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Policy Instrument Choices for Growth Management and Land Use Regulation
What factors account for local government land use practices and their choices among specific growth management policy instruments? We apply the political market framework to examine how land useExpand
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Local service delivery choices in Portugal: A political transaction costs framework
Abstract In recent years, Portugal has witnessed a large increase in municipal corporations to deliver public services. This article addresses the important question of why Portuguese municipalitiesExpand
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Measuring Local Government Transparency
Abstract Despite the importance of government transparency to promote accountability and prevent maladministration, empirical research has failed to produce proper tools to assess and compareExpand
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Municipal Service Delivery: The Role of Transaction Costs in the Choice between Alternative Governance Mechanisms
Abstract Service provision by local governments can be delivered using in-house bureaucracies, private firms, and partnerships with other governments or the not-for-profit sector. This productionExpand
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Ten years after: revisiting the determinants of the adoption of municipal corporations for local service delivery
ABSTRACT Research on the use of municipal corporations to deliver local and regional public services has evolved significantly in the past decade. Most of this work addresses the performance of thisExpand
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Explaining the transparency of local government websites through a political market framework
We use the Municipal Transparency Index which is based on the information disclosed in the local governments' official websites and was applied to all Portuguese municipalities for the first time in 2013. Expand
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The Impact of Deterrence Policies on Reckless Driving: The Case of Portugal
In this paper, we test the effect of three different criminal deterrence theory policy tools: criminal certainty, severity, and celerity of punishment. Whereas most criminal deterrence studies inExpand
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So Close, Yet so Far Away? the Effects of City Size, Density and Growth on Local Civic Participation
ABSTRACT: Recent studies in the U.S. context have suggested that political participation is a function of the size and concentration of a city’s population. Most of this research focuses on the ideaExpand
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The same deep water as you? The impact of alternative governance arrangements of water service delivery on efficiency
This work contributes to the literature on water governance by attempting to provide an answer to the question of what are the differences in efficiency of alternative governance arrangements ofExpand
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