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— A feature detection system has been developed for real-time identification of lines, circles and legs from laser data. A new method suitable for arc/circle detection is proposed: the Internal Angle Variance (IAV). Lines are detected using a recursive line fitting method. The people leg detection is based on geometrical constrains. The system was(More)
The adequacy of radial basis function neural networks to model the inside air temperature of a hydroponic greenhouse as a function of the outside air temperature and solar radiation, and the inside relative humidity, is addressed. As the model is intended to be incorporated in an environmental control strategy both oo-line and on-line methods could be of(More)
Identiÿcation results for the shaft-speed dynamics of an aircraft gas turbine, under normal operation , are presented. As it has been found that the dynamics vary with the operating point, non-linear models are employed. Two diierent approaches are considered: NARX models, and neural network models, namely multilayer perceptrons, radial basis function(More)
The problem of controlling a heating ventilating and air conditioning system in a single zone of a building is addressed. Its formulation is done in order to maintain acceptable thermal comfort for the occupants and to spend the least possible energy to achieve that. In most operating conditions these are conflicting goals, which require some sort of(More)