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A feature detection system has been developed for real-time identification of lines, circles and people legs from laser range data. A new method suitable for arc/circle detection is proposed: the Inscribed Angle Variance (IAV). Lines are detected using a recursive line fitting method. The people leg detection is based on geometrical relations. The system(More)
In this paper a feature extraction and classification methodology for a laser based detection and tracking of moving objects (DATMO) system in indoors environments is presented. The sensory perception is based in a SICK Laser Measurement System (LMS). An adaptation of the Hough Transform is used in the feature extraction procedure to interpret scanned(More)
Identiÿcation results for the shaft-speed dynamics of an aircraft gas turbine, under normal operation , are presented. As it has been found that the dynamics vary with the operating point, non-linear models are employed. Two diierent approaches are considered: NARX models, and neural network models, namely multilayer perceptrons, radial basis function(More)
– In previous papers from the authors fuzzy model identification methods were discussed. The bacterial algorithm for extracting fuzzy rule base from a training set was presented. The Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm was also proposed for determining membership functions in fuzzy systems. In this paper the Levenberg-Marquardt technique is improved to optimise(More)