António Dias de Figueiredo

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This paper describes the case study of an application of the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) to a micro team with less than 10 people and very limited resources, clearly placed in the first CMM level of maturity, the Initial level. A major aim of the case, which extended over a period of one year, was to study the extent to which the CMM could be adapted to(More)
Although no serious efforts seem to have been devoted yet to the theoretical and experimental study of the phenomenon, the web is recognizably a well suited medium for information encountering, the accidental discovery of information that is not sought for. This is the very essence of serendipity, the faculty of making fortunate and unexpected discoveries(More)
The increasing influence of socio-organizational issues in information systems poses serious challenges to the applicability of most traditional research approaches, since the mechanisms from which they derive their rigor and validity become more and more unrealistic in the new contexts. Indeed, traditional problem decomposition, standardization of(More)
We report a patient with complex traumatic translatory atlantoaxial dislocation, who we treated by joint exposure and reduction of the dislocation by facet manipulation and subsequent plate and screw atlantoaxial fixation. A 28-year-old male had fallen 7.6m (25 feet), and following the fall had severe neck pain but no neurological deficit. Investigations(More)
Although general literature and several frameworks suggest practices for IT Governance, there is still no consensus about which should be considered “best” or “essential”. It seems reasonable to assume that recommendations of specific practices depend on factors such as the target industry, company profile, culture, and IT organization preferences. The(More)
BACKGROUND Madurella species of fungus causes chronic subcutaneous infection of lower extremities; the infection is commonly labeled as Madura foot. We report a case of Madurella infection involving the cranial cavity. Such an involvement by Madurella fungal infection is not recorded in the literature. CASE DESCRIPTION A 31-year-old non-immunocompromised(More)
Serendipity, the faculty of making fortunate and unexpected discoveries by accident, is recognized today as playing a key role in sparking innovation. It does not seem, however, to be manageable by any means, which has kept it as a relatively unexplored subject of research. This paper claims that, although it may not be possible to program serendipity, it(More)
In spite of the role it recognizably plays in sparking innovation, serendipity, the faculty of making fortunate and unexpected discoveries by accident, remains largely unexplored as a subject of research. This may result to some extent from the difficulty in discriminating serendipity from other manifestations of creativity. To overcome this barrier, we(More)
The authors present the Context Engineering (CE) approach to Information Systems Development (ISD) as a framework to organise ideas about previous development experience and to guide future research on specific ISD methods and techniques. The goals of the CE approach are: to achieve an understanding of the ISD as socio-technical phenomena within a cultural(More)