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An experimental model animates contiguous computer cartograms by distorting the topological lengths of their edges. Using traffic information for the city of Lisbon, the authors distort a road map to depict traffic velocities. Areas of the city distend when velocities are low and compress when velocities are high. This model is applied to two(More)
ELICIT is a generic tool that enables the visual exploration of evolutionary computation algorithms. It is characterized by the use of simple visual elements to represent information and by the adoption of interactive techniques which allow the navigation between different granularity levels, i.e., it allows the visualization of data from single runs as(More)
Computational Creativity systems based on Conceptual Blending (CB) and Bisociation theories operate on input knowledge to reveal seemingly unrelated information. The input spaces or domains can be of various sources and contain vast amounts of knowledge. It is central a process that selects useful building blocks of semantic data that does not narrow the(More)
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