António C Menezes

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BACKGROUND Temperature and relative humidity (RH) are very important factors affecting embryo development, hatchability, and posthatch performance. This study aimed at characterizing embryonic metabolic and behavioural response to a harsh incubation environment generated by manipulations (elevations and drops) in these two key factors. This study was aimed(More)
A 30 yr old man presented with obstructive jaundice while on holiday in Australia. Physical examination was otherwise normal. Abdominal ultrasound, CT scan and MRI scan confirmed marked dilatation of the intrahepatic biliary system. ERCP revealed a stricture in the common hepatic duct (Figure 1). A stent was inserted. Brush cytology was inconclusive. CA19-9(More)
Acute tonsillitis is a common condition and usually runs a benign course. However life-threatening complications do still occur, even in this postantibiotic era. Infection can spread downwards into the mediastinum through the anatomic cervical spaces, causing widespread cellulitis, necrosis, abscess formation and sepsis. We present a case of descending(More)
Cytochrome P450 1B1 (CYP1B1) mRNA is constitutively expressed in most normal extra-hepatic tissues; however the protein is not detectable in these tissues but is expressed in a wide variety of tumors. CYP1B1 is responsible for the activation of a number of carcinogens present in tobacco smoke and food. A surgical model of rat esophageal tumorigenesis,(More)
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