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Due to constant innovations in radiological and surgical techniques, more accurate results are expected in the diagnostic and therapeutic procedures related to hepatic pathology. The aim of this work was to demonstrate the normal hepatic vascular and biliary anatomy using cadaveric livers and CT scans of the affected livers. Furthermore, using the CT scans,(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the correspondence between the coronary arterial anatomy and the supplied myocardium based on the proposed American Heart Association (AHA) 17-segment model. Six human cadaveric hearts without signs of infarct were selectively injected with colored contrasted gelatin in the three major coronary arteries. After(More)
INTRODUCTION The extensor tendons of fingers are subject of many variations, some of them quite frequent. MATERIAL AND METHODS The dissection of the posterior region of forearm and hand was carried out, and the anatomical variations were documented. RESULTS In Case 1 the extensor digitorum divided into 5 tendons: one for the index finger, one for the(More)
Obscure gastrointestinal bleeding is responsible for 2-10% of the cases of digestive bleeding. Angiodysplasia is the most common cause. The authors report a case of a 70-year-old female patient admitted to our Gastrointestinal Intensive Care Unit with a significant digestive bleeding. Standard upper and lower endoscopy showed no abnormalities, and we(More)
While performing thyroid surgery, the unintentional lesion of parathyroid glands and laryngeal nerves results in a profound alteration in patient’s quality of life. To minimize thyroid surgery morbidity, the surgeon must have an in-depth knowledge of the thyroid gland morphology and its anatomical relations in the anterior compartment of the neck. This work(More)
INTRODUCTION There are several reports of sciatic nerve anatomical variations. Some are associated with clinical entities, such as piriformis syndrome. We aim to report a rare anatomical variation of this nerve. CASES REPORT Two leucodermic, 74 and 78-year-old male subjects, deceased of natural causes, without lower limb relevant medical history. In both(More)
INTRODUCTION It is essential to know the thyroid gland morphology and its anatomical relations in the anterior compartment of the neck in order to minimize the rate of thyroid surgery morbidity, especially the lesion of parathyroid glands and laryngeal nerves. The aim of this study was the identification of parathyroid glands in cadaver parts and their(More)
The diaphanization of organs previously injected with coloured substances is an excellent auxiliary method of numerous morphological studies. The authors studied 52 organs, among 15 were taken from human beings and 37 from dogs, with the aim of knowing theirs weight and volume modifications after diaphanization. The organs were diaphanizated with several(More)
Intraoperative hemostatic suture to treat a bleeding duodenal ulcer is sometimes difficult when there is massive hemorrhage. The aims of this paper are: (1) to describe a practical and easy intraoperative procedure which quickly decreases a massively bleeding duodenal ulcer, allowing the surgeon to identify the bleeding site clearly and obtain definitive(More)