Antònia Andreu

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To assess the role of phylogenetic background and putative virulence factors (VFs) in Escherichia coli causing urinary bacteremia, 50 strains isolated from this condition were compared with 50(More)
INTRODUCTION The goal of this study was to assess how resistance to quinolones, fluoroquinolones and trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole relates to the virulence potential and phylogenetic background of(More)
The localisation and genetic organisation of bla(CTX-M-15) were studied in 37 CTX-M-15-producing Klebsiella pneumoniae isolates collected from 2005 to 2008 within the Barcelona metropolitan area.(More)
INTRODUCTION Knowledge of antimicrobial susceptibility patterns is required to prescribe empirical therapy and formulate guidelines for the treatment of community-acquired urinary tract infections.(More)
INTRODUCTION Escherichia coli isolates from the non-pathogenic phylogenetic groups A and B1 rarely cause extraintestinal infections. The aim of this study was to analyze 37 E. coli isolates(More)