Anssi Poussu

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The GGAs are a multidomain protein family implicated in protein trafficking between the Golgi and endosomes. Here, the VHS domain of GGA2 was shown to bind to the acidic cluster-dileucine motif in the cytoplasmic tail of the cation-independent mannose 6-phosphate receptor (CI-MPR). Receptors with mutations in this motif were defective in lysosomal enzyme(More)
The molecular basis of the selectivity and the details of the vesicle formation in endocytic and secretory pathways are still poorly known and most probably involve as yet unidentified components. Here we describe the cloning, expression, and tissue and cell distribution of a novel protein of 67 kDa (called Vear) that bears homology to several(More)
We describe the cloning and characterization of a new cytoplasmic protein designated epidermal growth factor receptor-associated protein with SH3- and TAM domains (EAST). It contains an Src homology 3 domain in its midregion and a tyrosine-based activation motif in its COOH terminus. Antibodies to EAST recognize a 68-kDa protein that is present in most(More)
The VHS (Vps-27, Hrs and STAM) domain is a 140 residue long domain present in the very NH2-terminus of at least 60 proteins. Based on their functional characteristics and on recent data on the involvement of VHS in cargo recognition in trans-Golgi, VHS domains are considered to have a general membrane targeting/cargo recognition role in vesicular(More)
BACKGROUND Vear is a recently identified Golgi apparatus-associated protein. It has been suggested to be involved in vesicular trafficking between the Golgi and the vacuolar/lysosomal system. Proteins similar to Vear have also been shown to interact with activated ARF proteins (ADP ribosylation factor), and they are probably involved in membrane trafficking(More)
The relationship between glutathione deficiency, glycogen metabolism and ascorbate synthesis was investigated in isolated murine hepatocytes. Glutathione deficiency caused by various agents increased ascorbate synthesis with a stimulation of glycogen breakdown. Increased ascorbate synthesis from UDP-glucose or gulonolactone could not be further affected by(More)
Vear is a novel Golgi-associated protein with a domain structure characteristic of many vesicular transport-associated proteins. It has been suggested that Vear is involved in vesicle transport through trans-Golgi. In this study, we have determined the localization of Vear in skeletal muscle. The staining for Vear in normal human muscle revealed a(More)
New laser methods have introduced new possibilities and partly replaced traditional methods in corneal surgery. Femtosecond lasers have traditionally been used to replace the surgeons' knife in corneal refractive surgery and corneal transplantation. Excimer laser has been used from the beginning of 1990 for the reshaping of cornea. With the development of(More)
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