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Walker 256 carcinosarcoma was shown to be sensitive to mitomycin C in vitro. In order to make practical recommendations for the clinical intravesical use of mitomycin C, this cell line was used to evaluate the activity of mitomycin C under different conditions. Mitomycin C loses its antitumour activity rapidly at pH's below 6. At higher pH's (up to 10)(More)
Although allergen-specific CD4(+) T cells are detectable in the peripheral blood of both individuals with or without allergy, their frequencies and phenotypes within the memory as well as naïve repertoires are incompletely known. Here, we analyzed the DRB1*0401-restricted responses of peripheral blood-derived memory (CD4(+)CD45RO(+)) and naïve(More)
We have previously proposed that mammalian lipocalin allergens are recognized suboptimally by the human immune system due to their homology with endogenous lipocalins. Here, we have characterized in detail the human T cell recognition of one of the previously identified T cell epitopes of the major dog allergen Can f 1, contained in peptide p105-120. A(More)
Most mammal-derived respiratory allergens belong to the lipocalin family of proteins. Determinants of their allergenic capacity are still unknown. Innate immune cells, in particular dendritic cells, have been shown to be involved in the allergenicity of some proteins. As recognition by dendritic cells is one of the few plausible mechanisms for the(More)
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