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This paper presents results from a study of mobile ticketing service acceptance in public transportation. The theoretical background of the study was drawn from technology acceptance and diffusion of innovation theories, which were augmented with issues related to mobile service features, as well as the mobile use situation. The resulting research model was(More)
In this paper, we present results from a study of mobile ticketing service adoption in public transportation. The theoretical background of the study is based on technology adoption and trust theories , which are augmented with concepts of mobile use context and mobility. Our empirical findings from analyses of a survey data suggest that compatibility of(More)
This study aims to explore and model the central consumer perceptions that affect the decision of whether to use mobile payment systems. In particular, we study whether the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) describing user acceptance of technology offers comprehensive explanation for consumer decisions related to adoption of mobile payments. This study is(More)
Mobile payment services have, thus far, failed to entice consumers. An apparent conclusion is that these services have failed to meet consumers' payment needs. Deeper understanding of consumer adoption motivations is thus needed to be able to develop and launch mobile payment services successfully. For more than a decade researchers have tried to uncover(More)
This article examines the effect of Internet-based electronic markets on consumer search in the travel and tourism industry. Two experiments provide the empirical basis for the article. We address the question of whether consumer search in electronic markets is different from search in conventional markets. In this work we refine the efficiency of consumer(More)
The views expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Bank of Finland. Abstract The Bank of Finland's Finnish Payment Habits 2010 project predicts that Finnish payment habits will face substantial changes. The causes for these changes include: the standardisation and integration of European payment systems, development(More)