Anshuman Sharma

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BACKGROUND Falls are common and linked to morbidity. Our objectives were to characterize postoperative falls, and determine whether preoperative falls independently predicted postoperative falls (primary outcome), functional dependence, quality of life, complications, and readmission. METHODS This prospective cohort study included 7982 unselected patients(More)
BACKGROUND Nitrous oxide inactivates vitamin B(12), inhibits methionine synthase, and consequently increases plasma total homocysteine (tHcy). Prolonged exposure to nitrous oxide can lead to neuropathy, spinal cord degeneration, and even death in children. We tested the hypothesis that nitrous oxide anesthesia causes a significant increase in plasma tHcy in(More)
BACKGROUND Methadone is frequently administered to adults experiencing anesthesia and receiving pain treatment. Methadone pharmacokinetics in adults are well characterized, including the perioperative period. Methadone is also used in children. There is, however, no information on methadone pharmacokinetics in children of any age. The purpose of this(More)
Management of a pediatric airway can be a challenge, especially for the non-pediatric anesthesiologists. Structured algorithms for an unexpected difficult pediatric airway have been missing so far. A recent step wise algorithm, based on the Difficult Airway society (DAS) adult protocol, is a step in the right direction. There have been some exciting(More)
443 August 2013 I NFANTS with hypotonia of unknown etiology pose a unique challenge as many of the potential diagnoses have major, often conflicting, anesthetic management implications. The differential diagnosis of hypotonia is long and includes possibilities such as Duchenne muscular dystrophy, central core disease, and multiminicore disease. Intravenous(More)
The emergence of modern data-intensive applications requires sophisticated database techniques for processing advanced types of user queries on massive data. In this paper, we study such a new type of query, called progressive queries. A progressive query is defined as a set of interrelated and incrementally formulated step-queries. A step-query in a(More)
BACKGROUND The impact of surgery on health is only appreciated long after hospital discharge. Furthermore, patients' perceptions of postoperative health are not routinely ascertained. The authors instituted the Systematic Assessment and Targeted Improvement of Services Following Yearlong Surgical Outcomes Surveys (SATISFY-SOS) registry to evaluate patients'(More)
BACKGROUND No study has rigorously explored the characteristics of surgical patients with recent preoperative falls. Our objective was to describe the essential features of preoperative falls and determine whether they are associated with preoperative functional dependence and poor quality of life. METHODS This was an observational study involving 15,060(More)