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The emergence of modern data-intensive applications requires sophisticated database techniques for processing advanced types of user queries on massive data. In this paper, we study such a new type of query, called progressive queries. A progressive query is defined as a set of interrelated and incrementally formulated step-queries. A step-query in a(More)
BACKGROUND Falls are common and linked to morbidity. Our objectives were to characterize postoperative falls, and determine whether preoperative falls independently predicted postoperative falls (primary outcome), functional dependence, quality of life, complications, and readmission. METHODS This prospective cohort study included 7982 unselected patients(More)
A significant problem in a phase locked loop (PLL) is the initial acquisition. High resolution is a major requirement in phase modulation (PM) receivers; however, such accuracy is hindered by side band locking in the existing PM detectors. A Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) based anti-sideband locking scheme is proposed for wide band acquisition in PM(More)
The aim of image enhancement is to improve the interpretability or perception of information in images for human viewers, or to providèbetter' input for other automated image processing techniques. Image Enhancement process is use to enhances the original image into the good image according to quality. The aim is to enhance the features of original image(More)
IDS which are increasingly a key part of system defense are used to identify abnormal activities in a computer system. In general, the traditional intrusion detection relies on the extensive knowledge of security experts, in particular, on their familiarity with the computer system to be protected. To reduce this dependence, various data-mining and machine(More)
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