Anshuli Razdan

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The RNA genome of an Indian strain of Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV), GP78, was reverse transcribed and the cDNA fragments were cloned in bacterial plasmids. Nucleotide sequencing of the cDNA clones covering the entire genome of the virus established that the GP78 genome was 10,976 nucleotides long. An open reading frame of 10,296 bases, capable of(More)
Scaffold attachment factor B1 (SAFB1) and SAFB2 proteins are oestrogen (ER) corepressors that bind to and modulate ER activity through chromatin remodelling or interaction with the basal transcription machinery. SAFB proteins also have an internal RNA-recognition motif but little is known about the RNA-binding properties of SAFB1 or SAFB2. We utilised(More)
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