Anshula Sharma

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Ethanol concentration and fermentation productivities were substantially increased when soya extract was added to the fermentation medium using immobilized cells of a locally isolated strain of S. cerevisiae. Very high concentrations, 152 and 162 g/l of ethanol, were obtained from a medium containing 300 and 350 g/l sugars respectively by supplementing the(More)
The role of ocular mucous gel in the corneal epithelial hydration, lubrication, cleansing, wettability and defense against pathogens, is investigated based on a modified DLVO theory that accounts for the apolar, as well as polar, "acid-base" surface interactions. A strong polar repulsion keeps mucus in the form of highly hydrated "sloppy" gel, which does(More)
Resolution of alkyn-3-ols has been achieved using a lipase from Candida rugosa to esterify the alcohols with trifluoroethyl butyrate in hexane to give the (S)-alcohols and the (R)-esters. Subsequent reacylation of the product alcohols and alcoholysis of the esters with 1-butanol furnished the (S)-alcohols with good (86–91% ees) and the (R)-butyrate with(More)
Penicillium corylophilum Dierckx, isolated from a contaminated water wet, double-base propellant, was able to completely degrade glyceryl trinitrate (GTN) in a buffered medium (pH 7.0) containing glucose and ammonium nitrate. In the presence of 12 mg of initial fungal inoculum, GTN (48.5 to 61.6 mmol) was quantitatively transformed in a stepwise process to(More)
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