Anshul Kanakia

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We present a multi-agent collaboration algorithm to recruit an approximate number of individually simple robots with controllable variance. We propose a sigmoid response threshold function motivated by task allocation in social insects, and describe macro-level models backed by micro-level simulations to predict the resulting team sizes and their variance.(More)
We present an omnidirectional powertrain for swarm robotic platforms that relies on low-cost vibration motors.We describe a mechanism and controller to achieve full 3-DoF motion on the plane. The proposed approach does not require the motors to be in phase, and overcomes differences in manufacturing by a hardware-in-the-loop auto-calibration routine based(More)
Continuous response threshold functions to coordinate collaborative tasks in multi-agent systems are commonly employed models in a number of fields including ethology, economics, and swarm robotics. Although empirical evidence exists for the response threshold model in predicting and matching swarm behavior for social insects, there has been no formal(More)
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