Anshu Saksena

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— In this paper we study the problem of dynamic optimization of ping schedule in an active sonar buoy network deployed to provide persistent surveillance of a littoral area through multistatic detection. The goal of ping scheduling is to dynamically determine when to ping and which ping source to engage in order to achieve the desirable detection(More)
A localization algorithm using radio interferometric measurements is presented. A probabilistic model is constructed that accounts for general noise models and lends itself to distributed computation. A message passing algorithm is derived that exploits the geometry of radio interferometric measurements and can support sparse network topologies and noisy(More)
The problem of optimized distributed detection in a system of networked sensors involves a number of design aspects, including balancing probabilities of missed detection and false alarm as well as managing the communication resources through proper in-network information fusion. Moreover, a number of tradeoffs must be exercised, such as the one between the(More)
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