Anshika Joshi

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CancerPPD ( is a repository of experimentally verified anticancer peptides (ACPs) and anticancer proteins. Data were manually collected from published research articles, patents and from other databases. The current release of CancerPPD consists of 3491 ACP and 121 anticancer protein entries. Each entry provides(More)
ParaPep is a repository of antiparasitic peptides, which provides comprehensive information related to experimentally validated antiparasitic peptide sequences and their structures. The data were collected and compiled from published research papers, patents and from various databases. The current release of ParaPep holds 863 entries among which 519 are(More)
To gain control over the cellular environment for the study and manipulation of biological systems, it is important to understand the signals and stimuli that provoke cellular mechanisms. Techniques for the perturbation and analysis at the single-cell resolution are crucial for understanding the behavior and mechanisms within the cellular environment. Thus,(More)
Hemolytik ( is a manually curated database of experimentally determined hemolytic and non-hemolytic peptides. Data were compiled from a large number of published research articles and various databases like Antimicrobial Peptide Database, Collection of Anti-microbial Peptides, Dragon Antimicrobial Peptide Database and(More)
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