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Scaling the modulation bandwidth and phase efficiency of a silicon optical modulator
We present an optimized design and detailed simulation of an all-silicon optical modulator based on a silicon waveguide phase shifter containing a metal-oxide-semiconductor (MOS) capacitor. Based onExpand
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Phase modulation efficiency and transmission loss of silicon optical phase shifters
This paper focuses on understanding the phase efficiency and optical loss of MOS-capacitor-based silicon waveguide phase shifters. A total of nine designs have been fabricated using poly-silicon andExpand
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Customized drive electronics to extend silicon optical modulators to 4 gb/s
The data transmission bandwidth of a metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) capacitor Si optical modulator is extended from 1 to 4 Gb/s through the introduction of custom-designed low-impedance driveExpand
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Double-Stage Taper for Coupling Between SOI Waveguides and Single-Mode Fiber
A low-loss polarization-independent and wavelength-insensitive mode converter is demonstrated for coupling between standard single-mode fiber (SMF) and 1.5-¿m-thick silicon waveguides. This modeExpand
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