Ansgar Trächtler

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In this paper we present a new approach to determine trajectories for changing the state of the double pendulum on a cart from one equilibrium to another and show the experimental realization on a test bench. The control of these transitions is accomplished by a two-degrees-of-freedom control scheme. For the design of the feedforward and feedback control of(More)
The Autonomous Intersection Management (AIM) will be a future method for the Intelligent Transportation System. It combines wireless communication and the autonomous vehicle in order to create the new concept for managing road traffic more safely and efficienly. The distributed control principle is applied to the intersection network to control the traffic(More)
The development of autonomous vehicle or self-driving car integrates with the wireless communication technology which would be a forward step for road transportation in the near future. The autonomous crossing of an intersection with an autonomous vehicle will play a crucial role in the future of intelligent transportation system (ITS). The fundamental(More)
Wilhelm Schäfer, Mauro Birattari, Johannes Blömer, Marco Dorigo, Gregor Engels, Rehan O’Grady, Marco Platzner, Franz Rammig, Wolfgang Reif, and Ansgar Trächtler 1 Heinz Nixdorf Institute University of Paderborn Fürstenallee 11, Pohlweg 98, and Warburger Str. 100 Paderborn, Germany 2 Department of Computer Science University of Paderborn(More)
Machines are omnipresent. They produce, they transport. Machines facilitate work and assist. The increasing penetration of mechanical engineering by information technology enables considerable benefits. This circumstance is expressed by the term mechatronics, which means the close interaction of mechanics, electronics, control engineering and software(More)
Self-optimization refers to the ability of a mechatronic system to autonomously adapt the way it performs its functions to changing environmental and operational conditions or user demands. In this work we propose to use multiobjective optimal control to enable the self-optimization of the guidance of a rail-bound vehicle. We consider different strategies(More)