Ansgar Komp

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Polarized Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy is employed to study the segmental orientation and mobility of liquid-crystalline elastomers (LCEs) with a monodomain structure in response to external mechanical fields parallel and perpendicular to the initial nematic director. The mean orientation and the molecular order parameter of the different(More)
(2) H NMR investigations on the biaxial phase behavior of smectic-A liquid crystalline side-chain elastomers are presented. Biaxiality parameters were determined by measuring the quadrupolar splitting of two spin probes, namely benzene-d(6) and hexamethylbenzene-d(18) , at various angles between the principal director and the external magnetic field: while(More)
We report an X-ray study of the order in a ‘side-on’ smectic-A elastomer in which both the polymer backbone and the mesogenic side groups are, on average, parallel to the smectic layer normal. The present system shows in all phases locally correlated structures as evidenced by systematic diffuse scattering at small angles, attributed to the fluorinated end(More)
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