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A new inferior vena caval filter was tested in an experimental series of 23 dogs and in an in vitro study. The filter consists of a pliable basket and anchoring legs made of stainless steel. It can be inserted percutaneously in an antegrade or retrograde fashion through a 10-F Teflon catheter and can be retrieved with a snare or forceps. The filter is(More)
The present paper reports an experiment in which subjects received fictitious intelligence test feedback that was either negatively or positively discrepant with their self-evaluation. They were then given an opportunity to choose among several articles containing information that either derogated intelligence tests (test-disparaging information) or argued(More)
The present study deals with the issue of how mastectomy will impact selected dimensions of psychological and psychosocial experience and behaviour in the women concerned. The study had comprised 21 women, mean age 55. 73 years, with a breast cancer diagnosis given between 1 and 21 years ago. Data collection was carried out using a 17-item questionnaire(More)
It is pointed out in the initial theoretical considerations that comparatively few studies can be found in the pertinent literature that address the issue of younger non-disabled children's attitudes and behaviour toward children with physical disablement. The present study had comprised 23 second-year primary school-children (8 male, 15 female), age 7.6 to(More)
Since the late 60s, reality-oriented books for children and young people have increasingly turned to subject-matters and issues involving social/societal criticism, among them the theme of "being disabled". In the discussion on the degree to which media, and books in particular, do affect children's attitudes and socialization, it has been underlined that(More)
Electro-pneumatic (EP) components are frequently used in brake systems of commercial vehicles. The simulation of EP brake systems is of great importance in order to understand their dynamics for developing a control logic being robust but fulfilling the modern functional demands. On the other hand, the simulation aids the design of EP components being able(More)
A total of 263 respondents were interviewed relative to their attitudes towards disabled persons, using a standardized questionnaire. Of these 263 subjects, 144 lived in a community without any facility for disabled persons in the vicinity, 119 subjects lived close by a physically disabled persons centre. The "attitudinal climate" among all interviewees on(More)
A new cava filter has been tried in 23 dogs weighing between 16 and 23 kg. The filter consists of a stainless steel basket which can be introduced either antegrade or retrograde through a 10F teflon catheter and which can be removed again within the first four days. The filter was effective in holding back embolising thrombus. In the early stages, even(More)
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