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Efficiency calibration curves for germanium detectors are usually established by using a large number of standard gamma-ray sources of specific radionuclides, that decay with few gamma-rays, or radionuclides with complex decay schemes, such as 133Ba or 152Eu. But these multi-gamma radionuclides cannot be used alone, because the gamma-rays of high intensity(More)
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  • Applied radiation and isotopes : including data…
  • 1998
The immense volume of naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM) wastes produced annually by extracting industries throughout the world deserves to come to the attention of international and national environmental protection agencies and regulatory bodies. Although a great deal of work has been done in the fields of radiation protection and remedial(More)
Several geological formations of the Utah-Colorado mining region mined for uranium ore during and after World War II had been mined earlier for vanadium. Therefore, most miners and millers from that region were exposed to those metals’ ores or tailings at one time or another. Preliminary investigation to determine uranium and vanadium retained in the lungs(More)
The use of nuclear analytical techniques for environmental studies in South America is selectively reviewed since the time of earlier works of Lattes with cosmic rays until the recent applications of the PIXE (particle-induced X-ray emission) technique to study air pollution problems in large cities, such as São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The studies on(More)
Reduction of radon exhalation from uranium tailings as a function of the number of radon diffusion lengths in cover materials is discussed, based on dimensionless mathematical functions. Cost effectiveness is examined to determine the least expensive cover with a preselected number of radon diffusion lengths (i.e., a preselected level of radiation(More)
The spatial-energetic distribution of low-energy electrons was studied for a source located in a liquid medium simulating biological tissue. A time-independent Boltzmann equation was used to model this distribution microscopically. Ionization was treated as a perturbation to a quasi-elastic collision process between the electron and the medium. A diffusion(More)
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