Anselm Terhalle

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The current study investigated sensorimotor involvement in the processing of verbs describing actions performed with the hands, feet, or no body part. Actual movements were used to identify neuromagnetic sources for hand and foot actions. These sources constrained the analysis of verb processing. While hand and foot sources picked up activation in all three(More)
Since long it has been noted that cross-linguistically recurring polysemies can serve as an indicator of conceptual relations, and quite a few approaches to model and analyze such data have been proposed in the recent past. Although – given the nature of the data – it seems natural to model and analyze it with the help of network techniques, there are only(More)
The VisLR workshop aims at bringing together people from visual analytics and computational linguistics to discuss the potentials and the challenges related to visualizing language data and in particular language resources. Linguistics has a long tradition of visually representing language patterns, from tree representations in syntax to spectograms in(More)
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