Anselm Lingnau

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Purification of endosomal/lysosomal vesicles of Trypanosoma brucei brucei bloodstream forms and generation of monoclonal antibodies led to the isolation of antibodies directed against an 85 kDa, Golgi and endocytic traffic-associated protein termed tGLP-1, Trypanosoma Golgi/lysosome protein-1. Preliminary immunoelectron microscopical analysis revealed that(More)
Abstract: Mobile agents are an emerging technology attracting interest from the fields of distributed systems, information retrieval, electronic commerce and artificial intelligence. We present an infrastructure for mobile agents based on the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) which provides for agent mobility across heterogeneous networks as well as(More)
Application-level scripting is a powerful method for structuring software. This paper introduces TkDVI, a TEX DVI previewer based on the Tcl/Tk scripting language and graphics toolkit. After a brief introduction to Tcl/Tk, we present the design and major components of the previewer, pointing out the specific advantages gained by using Tcl/Tk. A number of(More)