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Multisensor image fusion is becoming a focus in the area of image processing because of its wide applications. But most of the existing approaches are developed for intensity images, not for color images. In this paper, based on discrete wavelet frame transform and HSI model, a novel method for color image fusion is proposed. The experimental results show(More)
Hyperspectral image applications have been explored in various areas, but they are often suffered from coarser spatial resolutions. In recent years, many pan-sharpening approaches which are originally used for fusing panchromatic image with multispectral one have been adapted to hyperspectral images. Most of them ignore the fact that the spectral coverage(More)
It is very significant to detect sea-aero targets from optic-electro images for military applications. In our previous work, two practical nonlinear artificial object detection approaches have been presented, which are cellular automata-based method and fractal image coding-based method. In this paper, we do some comparison of the two methods, and analyze(More)
Hyperspectral image visualization is an important research field in hyperspectral image processing. This paper summarized the general goals for hyperspectral image visiualization, and put various visiualization methods into four categories, which include method based on band selection, method based on weighting, method based on transformation and method(More)
Most Blind signal separation techniques have been carried out based on second or higher order statistical criterion or information-theoretic criteria. They separated mixing signals through neural network. These approaches are poor performance for non-stationary signals, such as underwater acoustic signals. In this paper, a new blind separation method by(More)
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