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Recent observations of the negative differential conductance (NDC) phenomenon in graphene field-effect transistors (FET) open up new opportunities for their application in graphene-based fast switches, frequency multipliers and, most importantly, in high frequency oscillators up to the terahertz regime. Unlike conventional two-terminal NDC devices that rely(More)
The plasmon resonance and tunability have been investigated in GaN-based and graphene device, the good agreement between theory and experiments indicate the potentially advantages of GaN device for filling the terahertz (THz) gap. Stronger resonant absorption will lead to the hydrodynamic rectifying of THz radiation in wide spectrum region, paving the way(More)
Terahertz (THz) technology is becoming a spotlight of scientific interest due to its promising myriad applications including imaging, spectroscopy, industry control and communication. However, one of the major bottlenecks for advancing this field is due to lack of well-developed solid-state sources and detectors operating at THz gap which serves to mark the(More)
This paper describes the dynamic interaction between plasmons in a two dimensional electron gas system under electrical tuning to the high density regime in AlN/GaN high electron mobility transistor. The results demonstrate an enhanced resonance when the two plasmons are commonly excited, during which the potentially splitting phenomenon of such resonance(More)
Structured plasmonic metamaterials offer a new way to design functionalized optical and electrical components, since they can be size-scaled for operation across the whole electromagnetic spectrum. Here, we theoretically investigated electrical active split ring resonators based on graphene metamaterials on a SiO2/Si substrate that shows tunable frequency(More)
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