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The study objective was to examine hospital mortality outcomes and structure using 2008 patient-level discharges from general community hospitals. Discharges from Florida administrative files were merged to the state mortality registry. A cross-sectional analysis of inpatient mortality was conducted using Inpatient Quality Indicators (IQIs) for acute(More)
This study explores associations between patient outcomes (7- and 30-day hospitalization and mortality) and healthcare provider (physician and facility) volumes of outpatient colonoscopy, cataract removal, and upper gastrointestinal endoscopy performed in outpatient surgical settings in Florida. Findings indicate that patients treated by high-volume(More)
We studied characteristics of all, occasional, and frequent emergency department (ED) visits due to ambulatory care-sensitive conditions (ACSCs). We used a cross-sectional, split-sample design with multivariate logistic regressions using encounter-level, all-payer ED data from all Florida hospitals for the year of 2005. We evaluated associations of key(More)
Statisticians often encounter data in the form of a combination of discrete and continuous outcomes. A special case is zero-inflated longitudinal data where the response variable has a large portion of zeros. These data exhibit correlation because observations are obtained on the same subjects over time. In this dissertation, we propose a two-part mixed(More)
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