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Watershed transformation is a common technique for image segmentation. However, its use for medical image segmentation has been limited particularly due to over-segmentation. In response to the characteristics of medical image, especially the contour extraction from the MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) brain image, this paper proposes an improved method in(More)
To segment magnetic resonance image series is an interdisciplinary topic that involves both medical and computer science. It is one of the most important steps for medical diagnosis and quantitative analysis. This paper proposes an automatic segmentation method based on support vector machine (SVM). Feature vectors are generated according to both grayscale(More)
—Medical image registration is a critical step in medical image processing. In this paper, a mixed-type image registration approach is presented, which combines the segmentation-based and voxel-based registration. Firstly, the experimental images are preprocessed, including Digital Imaging and Communication of Medicine (DICOM) format conversion, denoising,(More)
NetSolve is a kind of grid middleware used for high performance compute. In this article, the architecture and operational principle of NetSolve are first analyzed. This paper mainly discusses the implementation of the server with several numerical packages and numerical experiment is given. At last, we point out the limitations of the Netsolve.
Due to the importance of gene expression data in cancer diagnosis and treatment, microarray gene expression data have attracted more and more attentions from cancer researchers in recent years. However, in real-world computational analysis, such data common meet with the curse of dimensionality due to the tens of thousands of measures of gene expression(More)
In this paper, using hierarchical DCT, the notation maximal locally linear similarity (MLL similarity for short) is defined and discussed. The intention to the discussion is that MLL similarity can be used to construct a scheme of the vector quantization coding for medical images and images in other application areas