Anping Cao

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Since their introduction in 2001, SiNW-based sensor devices have attracted considerable interest as a general platform for ultra-sensitive, electrical detection of biological and chemical species. Most studies focus on detecting, sensing and monitoring analytes in aqueous solution, but the number of studies on sensing gases and vapors using SiNW-based(More)
Siloprene-based, ion-selective membranes (ISMs) were drop-casted onto a field-effect transistor device that consisted of a single-chip array of top-down prepared silicon nanowires (SiNWs). Within one array, two sets of SiNWs were covered with ISMs, each containing two different ionophores, allowing the simultaneous sensing of K and Na ions using a flow(More)
Surface-modified silicon nanowire-based field-effect transistors (SiNW-FETs) have proven to be a promising platform for molecular recognition in miniature sensors. In this work, we present a novel nanoFET device for the sensitive and selective detection of explosives based on affinity layers of metal-organic polyhedra (MOPs). The judicious selection of the(More)
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