Anpeng Huang

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ECG analysis is universal and important in miscellaneous medical applications. However, high computation complexity is a problem which has been shown in several levels of conventional data mining algorithms for ECG analysis. In this paper, we presented a novel manifold approach to visualize and analyze the ECG signal. According to regularity of the data,(More)
Recently, cardiovascular disease (CVD) has become one of the leading death causes worldwide, and it contributes to 41% of all deaths each year in China. This disease incurs a cost of more than 400 billion US dollars in China on the healthcare expenditures and lost productivity during the past ten years. It has been shown that the CVD can be effectively(More)
In this correspondence, we propose an analog network coding scheme with differential modulation (ANC-DM) using amplify-and-forward protocol for bidirectional relay networks when neither the source nodes nor the relay knows the channel state information (CSI). The performance of the proposed ANC-DM scheme is analyzed and a simple asymptotic bit error rate(More)
Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is a major issue to public health. It contributes 41% to the Chinese death rate each year. This huge loss encouraged us to develop a Wearable Efficient teleCARdiology systEm (WE-CARE) for early warning and prevention of CVD risks in real time. WE-CARE is expected to work 24/7 online for mobile health (mHealth) applications.(More)
Cardiovascular disease (CVD) has become the leading cause of human deaths today. In order to combat this disease, many professionals are using mobile electrocardiogram (ECG) remote monitoring system. While using mobile ECG systems, most of the cardiac anomalies can be observed, especially when serious myocardial ischemia, heart failure, and malignant(More)
An optical access network should offer low-cost reliable services to its end users. To address this problem, an optimal solution is needed which can turn an optical access architecture into a self-healing system. Hence, we propose the Self-Healing Optical Access Network (SHOAN), in which two or more optical access architectures are partners of each other,(More)
Mobile Health (mHealth) is expected to play a special role in today and the future healthcare delivery. Based on this trend, we design a Smart Wristlet mHealth system with mobile interface. The designed Smart Wristlet is dedicated to offer real-time alert for elderly fall, which is the most important when population ageing is becoming. In the Smart Wristlet(More)
Today, IT technology plays a key role in promoting health services which provide medical information over a digital information system. Unfortunately, the digitized data may be not understood by medical professionals due to the limitation of conventional medical signal recognition. To deal with this challenge, we design a 3R (Retiming, Regeneration,(More)