Anouk Van Laer

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Photonic networks-on-chip based on silicon photonics have been proposed to reduce latency and power consumption in future chip multi-core processors (CMP). However, high performance CMPs use a shared memory model which generates large numbers of short messages, creating high arbitration latency overhead for photonic switching networks. In this paper we(More)
Photonic networks on chip have been proposed to reduce latency and power consumption of on-chip communication in chip multiprocessors. However, in switched photonic networks, the path setup latency can create a high overhead, particularly for the short messages generated by shared memory chip multiprocessors (CMP). This has led to proposals for networks(More)
With the rising number of cores in mobile devices, the cache hierarchy in mobile application processors gets deeper, and the cache size gets bigger. However, the cacheline size remained relatively constant over the last decade in mobile application processors. In this work, we investigate whether the cacheline size in mobile application processors is due(More)
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