Anouk G. W. van Norden

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To determine the diagnostic value of the clapping test, which has been proposed as a reliable measure to differentiate between progressive supranuclear palsy (where performance is impaired) and Parkinson’s disease (where performance should be normal). Our study group included a large cohort of consecutive outpatients including 44 patients with Parkinson's(More)
In patients with SAH the amount of extravasated blood on the initial CT scan is related with delayed cerebral ischemia and clinical outcome. We investigated the interobserver variation of the Hijdra and Fisher scales for the amount of extravasated blood and the predictive values of these scales for delayed cerebral ischemia and outcome. For 132 patients(More)
Although gait disturbances are present in a substantial portion of patients with cerebral small vessel disease (SVD), their pathogenesis has not been clarified as they are not entirely explained by the white matter lesions (WMLs) and lacunar infarcts. The role of cortical thickness in these patients remains largely unknown. We aimed to assess the regions of(More)
BACKGROUND Cerebral small vessel disease (SVD) is related to verbal memory failures. It is suggested that early white matter damage, is located, among others, in the (posterior) cingulum at an early stage in neurodegeneration. Changes in the microstructural integrity of the cingulum assessed with diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), beyond detection with(More)
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