Anouar I Konkachbaev

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Minicolumns are thought to be the smallest cortical modules within the hierarchical organization of the isocortex. Several reports suggest alterations in minicolumnar morphometry may be involved in psychiatric disorders such as autism, dyslexia, and schizophrenia. Thus far anatomical studies of minicolumns have primarily relied on measurements of pyramidal(More)
Hydrodynamic similarity criteria and experimental data are reported here from experiments underway at UCLA that simulate the slab jets of the HYLIFE-II inertial fusion reactor. The current experimental setup produces a 2×20 mm slab jet, and reaches a maximum Reynolds number 5×10, corresponding to a jet velocity of 12 m/s. A high-speed camera is used to(More)
Current designs for thick liquid protection of heavy ion inertial fusion reactors utilize banks of liquid jets and vortex flow tubes to protect sensitive beam line components from neutrons and debris following target explosions. These hydraulic protection systems have issues regarding their formation and flow characteristics that need to be further(More)
In this paper we present an improved segmentation algorithm that recursively explores various thresholding levels until it reaches a termination criteria. This segmentation algorithm is based on earlier work adapting Otsu's thresholding approach to myelinated bundles of axons in cortical tissue. Experimentation using over 120 images has confirmed that this(More)
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