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Method validation for quantitative analysis of aflatoxins (AFs), ochratoxin A (OTA) and zearalenone (ZEA) in cereals using HPLC with fluorescence detector (FLD) is described. Mycotoxins were extracted with methanol : water (80 : 20) and purified with a multifunctional AOZ immunoaffinity column before HPLC analysis. The validation of the analytical method(More)
A sensitive and selective method for the determination of lead(II) with a 1,4-bis(prop-2'-enyloxy)-9,10-anthraquinone (AQ) modified carbon paste electrode has been developed. The method is based on non-electrolytic preconcentration via complex formation with modifier, followed by an accumulation period with a negative potential (-1.5 V), and then by a(More)
A new method for the simultaneous quantification of 12 mycotoxins was developed and optimized using reverse phase high performance liquid chromatography (RP-HPLC) with a photodiode array (PDA) and fluorescence detector (FLD), a photochemical reactor for enhanced detection (PHRED) and post-column derivatization. The mycotoxins included aflatoxins (AFB(1),(More)
Aflatoxins were surveyed in 256 rice samples taken from retail markets in different provinces of Iran during October 2007 and July 2008. A methanol/water (80 : 20, v/v) mixture and an aflatoxin immunoaffinity column (IAC) were used for extraction and clean-up. Mycotoxins were determined using HPLC with fluorescence detection and post-column derivatization(More)
A new kinetic-spectrophotometric method for determination of propylthiouracil (PTU) is described. The proposed method is simple, rapid, inexpensive and sensitive for the determination of PTU in pure and tablet forms. This method is based on the inhibitory effect of propylthiouracil on the palladium(II)-catalyzed reaction between neutral red and(More)
A reversed-phase HPLC optimization strategy is presented for investigating the separation and retention behavior of aflatoxin B1, B2, G1, G2, ochratoxin A and zearalenone, simultaneously. A fractional factorial design (FFD) was used to screen the significance effect of seven independent variables on chromatographic responses. The independent variables used(More)
Aflatoxin G1 (AFG1) is one of the main toxic contaminants in pistachio nuts and causes potential health hazards. Hence, AFG1 reduction is one of the main concerns in food safety. Kefir-grains contain symbiotic association of microorganisms well known for their aflatoxin decontamination effects. In this study, a central composite design (CCD) using response(More)
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