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We present an analysis of the Yangian symmetries of various bosonic sectors of the dilatation operator of N = 4 SYM. The analysis is presented from the point of view of Hamiltonian matrix models. In the various SU (n) sectors, we give a modified presentation of the Yangian generators, which are conserved on states of any size. A careful analysis of the(More)
We formulate the planar 'large N limit' of matrix models with a continuously infinite number of matrices directly in terms of U (N) invariant variables. Non-commutative probability theory, is found to be a good language to describe this formulation. The change of variables from matrix elements to invariants induces an extra term in the hamiltonian,which is(More)
An analysis of two loop integrability in the su(1|1) sector of N =4SY M is presented from the point of view of Yangian symmetries. The analysis is carried out in the scaling limit of the dilatation operator which is shown to have a manifest su(1|1) invariance. After embedding the scaling limit of the dilatation operator in a general (Inozemtsev like)(More)
We use deformation quantization to construct the large N limits of Bosonic vector models as classical dynamical systems on the Siegel disc and study the relation of this formulation to standard results of collective field theory. Special emphasis is paid to relating the collective potential of the large N theory to a particular cocycle of the symplectic(More)
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