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Tiruppuvanam, with a population of 15,668 a semi-urban area near Madurai was chosen for a door to door survey to assess the psychiatric and physical morbidity in all those aged 60 and above. There were 686, in this age group. The socio economic status, family structure, social integration, occupation, literacy, physical illness and handicaps in the total(More)
Out of 108 patients on the rolls in the Lithium clinic, Madurai Medical College and Govt. Rajaji Hospital, Madurai, India, 47 patients suffering from affective disorders receiving lithium continuously for more than three years were analysed with a view to study the recurrences. Thirteen suffered no relapses while on lithium while nineteen experienced them(More)
Ayurveda now among the alternative complementary systems of medicine is over 5000 years old. Its origin and the compilation of Caraka Samhita are noted. The nature of mind as a sensory and a motor organ, its structure and functions are discussed. The concept of Thdosha theory and Trigunas are explained besides the so-called master-forms of Doshas namely(More)
The increase in life expectancy has been a spectacular achievement of our century but this is not without new challenges. Those above the age of sixty contribute to 7 per cent of the total population of India and number about 42 million (1981 census), a figure equal to the population of a country like Spain. Their number is expected to reach 51 million in(More)
INTRODUCTION Anesthesia information management systems (AIMS) have been developed by multiple vendors and are deployed in thousands of operating rooms around the world, yet not much is known about measuring and improving AIMS usability. We developed a methodology for evaluating AIMS usability in a low-fidelity simulated clinical environment and used it to(More)
The paper discusses the emergence of the concept of polarity out of the rubric of manic depressive illness. The polar types are defined and changes in polarity, frequency and similarities and the differences between them are discussed. The author ventures to suggest that a change in the polarity viz., occurrence of mania in depressive or of depressive(More)
This report is based on a study of 12 cases of depression (8 endogenous, 4 neurotic) with a view to explore the possible association between urinary melatonin and the illness prior to and following treatment. While cases of endogenous depression had low 24 hour as well as nocturnal urinary melatonin levels, the neurotic depressives showed higher than normal(More)