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The Internet routing fabric is partitioned into several domains. Each domain represents a region of the fabric administered by a single commercial entity. Over the past two years, the routing fabric has experienced significant growth. From more than a year's worth of inter-domain routing traces, we analyze the Internet inter-domain topol-ogy, its route(More)
Synchrony detection between different sensory and/or motor channels appears critically important for young infant learning and cognitive development. For example, empirical studies demonstrate that audiovisual synchrony aids in language acquisition. In this paper we compare these infant studies with a model of synchrony detection based on the Hershey and(More)
—Of the many distributed applications designed for the Internet, the successful ones are those that have paid careful attention to scale and robustness. These applications share several design principles. In this paper, we illustrate the application of these principles to common network monitoring tasks. Specifically, we describe and evaluate 1) a robust(More)
SRAM have become vital part of many VLSI chips. This in particular is true for many microprocessors, where the on chip memory size is growing with every generation to reduce the constant variance in speeds of processor and main memory. Due to improved integration, operating speeds and power dissipation have become important factors to consider in designing.(More)
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