Anoop Nandakumar

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The measurement of ankle orientation and stiffness can provide insight into improvements and allows for effective monitoring during a rehabilitation program. Existing assessment techniques have a variety of limitations. Dynamometer based methods rely on manual manipulation. The use of torque meter is usually for single degree-of-freedom (DOF) devices. This(More)
Ankle injuries are very common; but rehabilitation exercises are repetitive and boring in both traditional physiotherapy and robot-assisted training. This paper developed a virtual-reality tracking game on an existing ankle rehabilitation robot to make the rehabilitation exercises more interesting and interactive. This game not only eliminates the boredom(More)
Generation of a raw data set incorporating co-related attributes, providing an insight into a student‟s personality and academic performance will be our primary agenda. Subsequently, the records in the data set will be grouped into different clusters. Post clustering, each cluster will be assigned a class label considering the overall student performance in(More)
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