Anoop Jacob Thomas

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Lipid-containing deposits within the swim bladders of Coryphaenoides acrolepis and Antimora rostrata were investigated. Lipid analysis of this material, which was quite uniform from the two species, yielded the following data: neutral lipids, 36.0-41.7%; phospholipids, 53.6-56.7%; and glycolipids, 4.3-8.9%. Cholesterol (mainly in the free form) constituted(More)
A thresholding algorithm for nuclear angiocardiographic studies is presented. The algorithm is free of operator intervention. The threshold is defined on the basis of the distribution of picture elements with decreasing count rates during systole. The application is valid for first-pass and equilibrium ECG gated studies. Reproducibility by different(More)
There has been an exponential growth in brain mapping studies in the past decade using functional MRI (fMRI). Apart from simple fMRI studies from a single site (scanner), multi-site studies are gaining great attention, as it has the potential to provide more data for brain mapping studies, thereby increasing the statistical power of the brain mapping(More)
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