Anoop George

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Accelerator driven transmutation of waste is one complementary approach to deal with spent nuclear fuel as compared to permanent storage. High-energy protons generated by a particle accelerator collide with a heavy metal target producing neutrons. Long-lived radioactive isotopes interacting with the neutrons transmute into shorter-lived isotopes. To(More)
A scanning and rotating nanoslit is used to measure submicrometer features in focused spot distributions. Using a filtered backprojection technique, a highly accurate reconstruction is demonstrated. Experimental results are confirmed by simulating the scanning slit technique using a physical optics simulation program. Analysis of various error mechanisms is(More)
A single scanning nano-slit is used to study aerial image characteristics. Finite-difference time-domain simulations reveal that, in the far field of such a slit, the detected image contrast is very high over a large spatial frequency range regardless of the polarization direction. In the near field, the TM polarization shows a decrease in contrast at(More)
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