Anny Appert

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Resistance to activated protein C (RPCA) and other congenital prethrombotic disorders have been recently reported to be strongly associated with Legg-Perthes disease. RPCA and deficiencies of protein C, protein S, and antithrombin III were sought in 22 children with Legg-Perthes disease. Detection of the factor V Leiden mutation was found in children with(More)
INTRODUCTION No routine monitoring is required with factor Xa inhibitor rivaroxaban. Yet, its titration must be adapted, and its misuse may lead to increased risk of bleeding; therefore, therapeutic rivaroxaban monitoring might help in specific situations. MATERIAL AND METHODS As asked by clinicians of our medical center, we measured rivaroxaban plasma(More)
α-Aminoadipic acid (αAA) is an intermediate in lysine metabolism. We report a new case with αAA excess in urine and plasma, without α-ketoadipic acid, in a full-term male child born to unrelated parents; he presented at 24h of life with seizures that failed to respond to phenobarbital, clonazepam, and Vigabatrin and death occurred on the 38th day of life.(More)
In vitro antibacterial activity of fusidic acid (FUC) in combination with cefotaxime (CTX), imipenem (IMP), gentamicin (GEN), amikacin (AKN), rifampin (RIF), fosfomycin (FOS), vancomycin, pefloxacin (PEF) was studied against 19 presumably pathogen meti-R Staphylococcus epidermidis strains. The study was carried out by means of a microtiter checkerboard(More)
UNLABELLED Antibodies directed against human thrombin are exceedingly rare, having only been reported in adult patients with underlying diseases. Consensus on the most appropriate management has not yet been reached. A 12-y-old girl presented with intractable menorrhagia several days after an acute infectious episode. Laboratory tests revealed disturbed(More)
We report the case of a twenty-three-year old woman with constitutional antithrombin deficiency, who had oral anticoagulation since she was four years old. During her first pregnancy, after the introduction of unfractionated heparin prophylactic therapy, she presented a first venous thromboembolism at nine weeks, and a second one with low-molecular-weight(More)
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