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From beef to beans: Eating motives and the replacement of animal proteins with plant proteins among Finnish consumers
A better understanding of the motives underlying the adoption of sustainable and healthy diets is needed for designing more effective policies. The aim of the study was to examine how eating motivesExpand
Barriers to climate-friendly food choices among young adults in Finland
The aim of the study was to examine how young adults in Finland perceive barriers to climate-friendly food choices and how these barriers are associated with their choices. The participants were 350Expand
Does belief matter in climate change action?
We studied environmental action and its predictors in a multi-scalar context of climate change politics. We asked how belief in climate change, post-materialist values, trust and knowledge predictExpand
Beyond research ethics: anonymity as ‘ontology’, ‘analysis’ and ‘independence’
Anonymity – its desirability and perceived difficulty divides the domain of qualitative research. This article shows that such divisions are associated with discrepancies in assumptions about whatExpand
Interfibre bonding and fibre segment activation in paper : observations on the phenomena and their influence on paper strength properties
OF DOCTORAL DISSERTATION HELSINKI UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY P.O. BOX 1000, FI-02015 TKK http://www.tkk.fi Author Name of the dissertation Manuscript submitted Manuscript revised
Weighing the Risks of Nuclear Energy and Climate Change: Trust in Different Information Sources, Perceived Risks, and Willingness to Pay for Alternatives to Nuclear Power.
We examined how individuals perceive nuclear energy in the context of climate change mitigation and how their perceptions are associated with trust in different risk information sources. We analyzedExpand
Citizens’ images of a sustainable energy transition
Abstract Achieving a sustainable energy transition is crucial for mitigating climate change. Citizens' acceptance of the transition is important for it to succeed. We explored citizens' images of theExpand
Improving animal welfare: qualitative and quantitative methodology in the study of farmers' attitudes
The welfare of production animals provokes wide social discussion among the public, yet, despite this, farmers' voices and their representations of animal welfare are rarely heard, even thoughExpand
System justification and the perception of food risks
In the context of daily food consumption, individuals have to evaluate their health and environmental risks based on information provided by the institutions governing food security. At the sameExpand