Annkristin Stratmann

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A full-length cDNA encoding a major structural glycoprotein of trout CNS myelin (IP1) was cloned and sequenced. The deduced amino acid sequence exhibited a significant structural homology with the P0 proteins of rat PNS and shark CNS. Sequence conservation was strongest in the extracellular domain, and it included the position of the two cysteine residues(More)
The molecular differentiation of oligodendrocytes derived from larval trout brain was studied in dissociated cell cultures using a range of cell type and stage specific antibodies. By double-labeling immunostaining using A2B5 antibodies in conjunction with antibodies against the myelin glycoproteins IP1 and IP2 evidence was obtained that oligodendrocytes of(More)
An increasing number of devices and applications from the Smart Home and Ambient Assisted Living domain are leaving the experimental state and are reaching commercial viability. These developments come with great opportunities, but also with challenges for elderly and disabled people. In this paper, we propose a holistic approach, using concepts of the(More)
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