Annika nordén-hägg

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BACKGROUND Safety culture assessment is increasingly recognized as an important component in healthcare quality improvement, also in pharmacies. One of the most commonly used and rigorously validated tools to measure safety culture is the Safety Attitudes Questionnaire; SAQ. This study presents the validation of the SAQ for use in Swedish pharmacies. The(More)
BACKGROUND Since 2004, a web-based reporting system enables monitoring of dispensing errors in all Swedish pharmacies. The adoption of this system was followed by an overall increase in reports, mainly explained by the dispensing of medicines of improper strength. In 2006 an intervention was implemented, aimed at reducing these errors. The objective of this(More)
BACKGROUND Sales of nonprescription medicines (NPMs) in retail outlets in Sweden have been permitted since 2009. The conditions are that sales are reported to the Medicine Product Agency (MPA) and that the owners of the retail outlets fulfill legal requirements. The MPA has an overall supervisory function, whereas municipalities are responsible for the(More)
The potential for unsafe acts to result in harm to patients is constant risks to be managed in any health care delivery system including pharmacies. The number of reported errors is influenced by a various elements including safety culture. The aim of this study is to investigate a possible relationship between reported dispensing errors and safety culture,(More)
OBJECTIVES To design and evaluate a national web-based dispensing error reporting system for all Swedish pharmacies, replacing the currently used paper-based system. METHODS A working group designed the new system. The number of reports before (1999-2003) and after (2004-2005) introduction was studied in a descriptive analysis. The completeness of reports(More)
BACKGROUND All changes in the regulation of pharmacies have an impact on the work carried out in pharmacies and also on patient safety, regardless of whether this is the intention or not. OBJECTIVE To compare staff apprehension regarding some aspects of patient safety and quality in community pharmacies prior to and after the 2009 changes in regulation of(More)
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