Annika Widerberg

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Expression of C-terminal flanking peptide of neuropeptide Y (CPON) in DRG and cell proliferation (incorporation of BrdU) in sciatic nerve of rats following chronic nerve compression (silicone tubes with different internal diameters) was studied by immunocytochemistry. An increased number of CPON-positive neurons and cells incorporating BrdU was induced on(More)
The C-terminal flanking peptide of neuropeptide Y (CPON) was studied in dorsal root ganglia (DRG) by immunocytochemistry after different recovery periods (3, 6,14 and 28 days) following tourniquet compression of the rat hindlimb (sciatic nerve; 150 or 300 mmHg; 2 h). Compression induced a transient increase in the number of CPON-positive DRG-neurons (the(More)
S-100beta promotes neurite extension in vitro and motoneuron survival in the chicken embryo. We demonstrate here that local administration of S-100beta stimulates the sciatic nerve regeneration into acellular muscle grafts. Normally there is a 8-10 day delay in the regeneration of axons into such grafts. Local administration of S-100beta (0.5-1.0 microg/h)(More)
Regeneration distances were studied in nerves from vibration-exposed limbs. One hind limb of anaesthetized rats was attached to a vibration exciter and exposed to vibration (80 Hz/32 m/s2) for 5 h/day for 2 or 5 days. Seven days after the latest vibration period a 10-mm long nerve graft was taken from the vibrated sciatic nerve and sutured into a(More)
One hindlimb of a rat was subjected to tourniquet compression (150, 200 and 300 mmHg; 2 h). After 6 days a 10 mm sciatic or tibial nerve graft from the compressed limb was sutured to bridge a 3-4 mm gap in the sciatic nerve of the non-compressed limb. The distances of regenerating sensory axons were measured 6 days post surgery (tibial grafts, 8 days).(More)
To determine whether drying of nerve grafts can affect axonal outgrowth and proliferation of non-neuronal cells, nerve segments dried for 0-60 min were used as nerve grafts to bridge a gap in transected rat sciatic nerves. Axonal outgrowth was measured by pinch reflex test and confirmed by immunocytochemical staining of neurofilaments. The proliferation of(More)
The use of tourniquet compression as a non-invasive method to enhance axonal regeneration was assessed in the rat sciatic nerve. One hind limb of the rat was subjected to compression by a tourniquet set at 300 mmHg for 30 or 120 min followed by bilateral test crush lesions performed either directly or after a conditioning interval of 3 or 6 days, with the(More)
UNLABELLED Syndactyly is usually corrected surgically during the first years of life. The trilobed flap, a surgical method that does not require skin grafting, was developed in the 1990s and the short-term results were comparable with previously reported techniques. Here we report on long-term outcomes, focusing on how children perceive their hand function(More)
The deep branch of the ulnar nerve may be injured at the same time as fracture dislocations of the fifth metacarpal. We describe injuries to that nerve in two patients with dislocated fractures of the second or third and fourth metacarpals. The fractures were treated by open reduction and fixation with plates and screws, and it is possible that the(More)