Annika Tjäder

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In the purification of proline hydroxylase by affinity chromatography on poly(L-proline)-Sepharose it was found earlier that two other components, profilin and the complex profilin-actin, also bind with high affinity to this matrix. We have exploited this observation to develop a rapid procedure for the isolation of profilin and profilin-actin complexes in(More)
Previously [The abstract has been shortened somewhat, and the headings removed, in order to conform to journal style], we have observed vestibular asymmetry in about one-third of healthy senior citizens and in about two-thirds of subjects with previous hip fractures and no other significant ailments. Wrist fractures are considered a harbinger of hip(More)
The objective for this study was to investigate whether the adaptation of postural control was similar during galvanic vestibular stimulation and during vibratory proprioceptive stimulation of the calf muscles. Healthy subjects were tested during erect stance with eyes open or closed. An analysis method designed to consider the adaptive adjustments was used(More)
Ribulose 1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase has been purified from spinach and crystallized by equilibrium vapor diffusion with polyethylene glycol 6000 as a precipitant. Crystals suitable for x-ray studies were obtained from a binary complex with a transition state analogue, 2-C-carboxy-D-arabinitol 1,5-bisphosphate, and a quaternary complex with(More)
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