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BACKGROUND Applying multiprofessional electronic health records (EHRs) is expected to improve the quality of patient care and patient safety. Both EHR systems and system users depend on semantic interoperability to function efficiently. A shared clinical terminology comprising unambiguous terms is required for semantic interoperability. Empirical studies of(More)
Juxtaglomerular complex (JGA) and kidney medullar interstitial cells (IC) in rats in acute water and salt loadings were studied. The animals were killed 1 and 2 hours later after water 0.9% and 2% natrium chloride per os administration in quantity of 5%-7% per total body weight. Plasma osmolality and plasma renin activity (PRA) was determined. In light(More)
It has been shown in acute experiments on cats and dogs that the liver is an effective barrier preventing the increase of sodium concentration in systemic circulation. As demonstrated by calculations, the reduction of sodium concentration shifts was not the consequence of portal vein blood dilution with the blood delivered by the hepatic artery. The total(More)